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Whether you are a professional athlete who wants to have a fit and healthy horse that not only shows up, but also delivers results, or an amateur who wants his favorite to be cheerful and in great shape, you can’t do without a special balanced feed.

Protective vests

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Event Calendar


  • 22 и 23 августа 2015. Начало: 16:00 Эквитур

    Конноспортивный клуб предлагает Вам воспользоваться уникальным предложением.
    Эквитур-шоу представляет собой театрализованную увлекательную экскурсию с квестами и эстафетами, которая позволит детям заглянуть в лучший конноспортивный клуб в Восточной Украине – White Stable!

    С того момента как дети переступят порог клуба, для них откроется новый ранее невиданный мир, где на каждом шагу их будут ждать различные приятные сюрпризы и неожиданности, которые не позволят ребятам загрустить ни на миг.

    Во время экскурсии дети познакомятся с завораживающим миром конного спорта, с удивительными животными – лошадьми и увидят сказочное представление, в котором задействованы настоящие актеры театра.

    Стоимость: 400 грн за одного ребенка в сопровождении одного взрослого (по желанию). Плюс 50 грн — за второго ребенка. Каждый дополнительный взрослый +200 грн. (билеты можно приобрести в конном клубе White Stable или в книжном магазине Books);

    Продолжительность: 120 минут;
    Количество: группы от 10 до 30 человек;
    Место: конноспортивный клуб White Stable;
    +38 (067) -175-03-33 – Ярослава;
    +38 (067) -579-23-33 – Сергей.

  • 18 апреля 2014 Соревнования по конкуру. Товарищеская встреча.

White Stable Club

White Stable is a modern equestrian club where amateurs become true professionals. Built to the highest standards, the Club is conveniently located 15 minutes’ drive from the downtown.

We have brought together a team of professional instructors headed by the current trainer of the Portugal national team Mr. Miguel Viana, so as to give you an opportunity not only to learn how to be at home on horseback, but also to achieve success in the beautiful and fascinating world of equestrian sports.
The philosophy of White Stable Club encompasses active recreation, taste of new victories and achievements, and good family traditions.
We actively cooperate and exchange experience with experts from Germany, Holland, Belgium, USA, Russia, and other countries where horse riding is not only an elite sport, but also a way of life.

Riding School

At White Stable, we teach horsemanship with a view to harmonious physical and spiritual development. White Stable’s experienced instructors have made up a unique training program based on the traditions and rules of the world’s best schools.

Training for Horses and Riders

Whether you are a professional athlete or an amateur, if you feel the need to obtain additional experience in mastering the art of jumping, the White Stable Club team is ready to organize a master class for you, or a training course for your horse.

Horse selection

Horse boarding

At White Stable, the horse livery conditions meet the stringest requirements. The infrastructure ensuring the highest standards of livery includes an outdoor arena (40×80 m), indoor arena (30×60 m), training grounds (15×40 m and 23×36 m), paddocks, a walker for 6 horses, and a round pen.


Our Club follows certain traditions established and cherished by its Members. To become a successor to those traditions and join the society of people who are excited by and dedicated to the equestrian sport, you will need to obtain a recommendation from one Member of White Stable Club and a consent of the rest of the Club Members.

Sport tourism

If you are anywhere between 3 and 99 years old, if horses are your passion, if you want to practice master level riding or simply ride for your own amusement, then you are welcome consider White Stable Club’s unique One-Week Membership and Weekend Membership offers!

Additional services

Want to make a gift to your loved one, boss, friend, or child? Present them with great emotions and an interesting day!

Affiliate Programs

White Stable Is Always Ready To Cooperate With The Companies That Operate In The Same Target Segment.

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  • - Partnership in The Ongoing Competitions.


61108 Kharkov, 25 Akademika Sinelnikova Str.

15 minutes drive from the downtown. Public transport connection also available (bus No. 1629 departing from the Alexeevsky Market; bus No. 1157 departing from Bus Station No. 4 near Forest Park).

GPS coordinates: N 50.090652, W 36.234981

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    +380675792333 — Director
    +380969425734 — Manager
  • info@wstable.com