Horse selection

The horse market is subject to daily changes depending on the season, economic and political situation in the region, as well as fashion. We closely follow the trends, and can always give professional advice on horse dealings to any person concerned.

White Stable Club guarantees that the horse you buy meets its stated qualities. In representing the interests of the end user, we never lobby the interests of any seller or breeder.

In addition to professional advice, White Stable Club offers free legal audit of the deal to every customer buying a horse with our help, regardless of the purchase price and the package of additional services. We will prepare all the necessary transaction documents and verify the accuracy and authenticity of the documents provided by the seller.

The additional services offered by White Stable Club include:

  • - Veterinary services, including X-ray;
  • - Horse transportation;
  • - Horse livery;
  • - Individual tack selection for the given horse and rider;
  • - Individual horse care products selection.