Training program

We offer various programs for riders of any skill level:

  • - Hobby club for amateurs and beginners,
  • - Sport club for show jumping athletes,
  • - Pony club for children.

The School is intended for adults and children aged 9 and above. Children under 9 will only be admitted upon the Head Trainer’s individual authorization.

Pony riding lessons are not only aimed at general development and friendly communication with the animals, but are also intended to teach the child to sit right in the saddle, and to foster the culture of communication with the horses. Depending on the young rider’s skill, different types of lessons are available:

  • - walk while lead by the reins;
  • - lunge – walk / trot;
  • - lunge – walk / trot / gallop;
  • - independent riding – walk / trot / gallop.

White Stable Riding School’s Training (Educational) Program is the basic document that regulates the course of training.

Training plans are developed for each student individually according to their physical and psychological features, level of training, and the desired result.

Lessons are conducted in accordance with the training program. The training process is supervised by our Head Trainer Miguel Viana regardless of the given student’s level of training. The training program includes both individual and group lessons.

Basic elements of the training program:

  • - theory,
  • - safety requirements,
  • - introduction to horse care and horse training,
  • - dressage elements,
  • - basics of show jumping.

The training program pursues the following objectives:

  • - introduce the beginners to the basics of horse riding, so they can make a conscious choice between hobby and professional sports in the future,
  • - ensure harmonious physical development,
  • - introduce horse riding culture,
  • - improve the skills of experienced riders,
  • - prepare athletes to participate in the national and international competitions.